Between Death and Life: Conversations with a Spirit

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Between Death and Life: Conversations with a Spirit

Between Death and Life: Conversations with a Spirit

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This is a book I found completely fascinating, having read many many books by mediums and watched countless paranormal programmes. Its not essential for anyone to have a regression for this book to benefit for it covers everything, this authors style of writing is easy to read and there is something for everyone so to speak. We can learn just as much from our animal, plant, and alien companions, as we can from the Council of Elders and our human spirit guide counterparts. The woman had just relived a past lifetime through regression and had come to the point of death in that life.

Her roots in hypnosis went back to the 1960s, and she was specializing in past-life therapy since 1979. Eben Alexander and have been thoroughly repulsed by their very obvious and slick attempt at wooing an audience at the agnostics of the metaphysical, thereby maligning the significance of whatever they experienced. Once while talking to a woman who considered herself enlightened, I was trying to explain some of the things I have found. Working through several different subjects, Dolores was able to establish communication with the living Michel De Notredame, better known as the prophet, Nostradamus.

This book was recommended to me in preparation for a hypnosis session with a student of the author's. Although there has been a great deal of diversity, there have also been definite patterns that have emerged.

In the chapter on different levels of existence, we learn that the level of the Earth is considered a fifth level, while you find elementals on the first level, these containing a basic energy of pure emotions and energies.Imprinting is withdrawing information about the past life experiences of others and having this information imprinted on one's soul. Being a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner and trained by Dolores, I can really relate to her material in a major way. In addition to the three volumes of "Converstations With Nostradamus", Dolores has completed:"The Legend of Starcrash", "Keepers of the Garden", "Legacy from the Stars", "A Soul Remembers Hiroshima", "They Walked With Jesus", "Jesus and the Essenes" and "Between Death and Life". After death there is life and existence in the other planes that is just as real as the physical world they see around them.

Very difficult to distinguish, as everything was utterly interesting for me and my endless interest about the spiritual realm. This is a fear that some people have: that somehow the experience of dying will transform them or their loved ones into something different, strange or unrecognizable. I would say that those beings more aligned with the group shared consciousness (animals, plants, and elementals) seem to be more connected to Source and nature, because spirits as a whole operate as a group/shared consciousness. This is the first time I have come across this method of obtaining information from the other side, and there are no contradictions with anything I have heard before. Many facets of life after death are described in the book, new information which I was unaware of is easily provided by the Dolores Cannon.After going through this experience with hundreds of subjects, I know that there are no physical problems even if the regressed personality died in a horrible way. Offering both comfort to the fearful and confirmation to the curious, this title examines different levels of existence in the spirit realms. And Jack the Ripper who tortured and killed people in horrific ways that ain’t so bad because the souls involved made a “contract” before reincarnation. Something happens with the shedding of the physical body and a whole new dimension of knowledge opens up. Offering both comfort to the fearful and confirmation to the curious, Between Death and Life – Conversations with a Spirit examines different levels of existence in the spirit realms through hundreds of real people's past life testimonies as revealed to widely published and internationally acclaimed past-life regressionist and hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon.

Once I read that Hitler didn’t receive to much bad “karma” it wasn’t his fault, his father who apparently received most of the bad “karma” for squishing his creativity. Like many spiritual books, it paints an intriguing picture of the beauty and wonder of the afterlife. Many people still have difficulty accepting the idea that I am able to go back through time and talk to people as they relive other lives down through history.And anything, any action initiated can be labelled as “cause”, and anything that happens as a result of that can be “effect”. One such therapist confided in me, as though he had made a real breakthrough, I have tried some regressions. These "fake" (my appellation) past life experiences provide the person with a point of reference, something to relate to. He said, "There’s a lower astral plane, and that’s where the degenerates live who want to live lives of greed and lust and don’t want to move up. Beautiful read for those who know and believe in the limitations of our physical existence, not very convincing for those who don't yet see through it and are looking for an impressive external reason to do so and an absolute hogwash for those who discard the intangible metaphysical realm as paranoia of the tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists.

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